Nuancer MEDIA is a freelance media production office in Emmendingen near Freiburg. We offer a wide range of media products such as high-quality photography, vivid video production and professional graphic design.


You are looking for a creative and superior video production within a reasonable budget? Then you are at the right place. We produce videos and films for many different purposes such as web presence, advertising material or personally for you or your events. As a freelance office we take care of everything that is relevant to film production. Depending on your needs, all film – related work from location scouting and storyboard development to recording and video editing are all under the same one roof.

We design, plan, develop and implement vivid moving images personally for you or for your company. The development of a concept, shooting schedule is pursued together and upon agreement. As a contractor you can apparently have a significant impact on which aspects, events, places, and people are to be in focus.

You are not interested in an actual recording effort but have a promotional video anyway? No Problem! We may offer you a solution with motion graphics or animations.

Image Film / Advertising Spot / Product Video

Today, audiovisual advertising is an indispensable option for a professional presentation of a company or product. Films attract the audience’s attention much faster and more effective than a presentation in text and still image. The attention factor is markedly higher and the duration of the interest lasts considerably longer.

A corporate video is a short video that describes an institution, a brand or a product for advertising intention. The length of image videos are usually between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

In a Image video can present the location, the staff, services, products and the company’s philosophy faithfully to gain business confidence of potential customers.

Such a corporate video can be used to polish identity of your company and impress your customers on the internet homepage, sale locations/markets, at customer presentations or at trade shows and events. In this way, the viewer can get a greater picture of the company, which cannot be delivered via a simple Power-Point presentation.

Dedicated product videos are one of the best way for marketing and sales support for a product or brand. Videos leave a realistic impression and allow accurate representation of product characteristics. They reduce the helpdesk expenses and field returns significantly. 360-degree product videos are especially helpful for online shops due to aforementioned reasons. They represent the added value and increase awareness of the product.

Eventfilm / Eventvideo

An eventfilm is a video production that documents the different types of events, such as a fair, training, trade-show, information-day, lecture or even a club-party. Event Videos transmit ideal insights and ideas about what is happening during the event. In most cases, a cinematic presentation of an event is in focus. Although an event film is a documentary style, it offers a very good way of conveying sympathy and emotion which is ultimately a perfect marketing tool and image polishing.

Event Videos can display absent customers and potential visitors essential impressions, so that they do not want to miss any future event. This makes sure that you get more visitors for your follow-up event.

We are preparing a movie with the highlights of your event. Depending on the type of event, we record your lectures, interviewing visitors and we elicit the emotions that make your event unforgettable.

Whether a company party, birthday, trade show event, Club Party, Info-Day or business opening, you will miss no highlight of your celebration.

Wedding Film / Wedding Video

We also offer affordable and professional wedding films for your unique wedding day. A wedding video is a unique opportunity to make all the emotions and highlights lively even years later. It is a brilliant personal documentary that lasts forever.

We can gladly accompany you during the preparations, at the civil registry office, during the ceremony at the church and on the wedding party. We record discreetly in the background without distraction and pick up the highlights and emotions. Your personal videos are filmed in full HD quality with multiple cameras, tripods and steady-drive motion equipment. Video edit and post production is performed with a cinematographic-look and the state-of-the-art equipment.

Preparation phase includes a detailed consultation in which we share a screenplay concept for your personal wedding film design, as well as a location scouting, which helps us to get an accurate impression of the location.

After many years of engagement in art and creativity, we surely dedicate all of our experiences and efforts in order to make your unique event an unforgettable memory.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion Design is basically application of graphic design principles in a filmmaking or video production through the use of animation or film techniques. It utilizes kinetic typography and dynamic graphics what is often seen in TVs, web animations and multi-media commercials. When properly detailed, described and paired with matching sound, it can stimulate much stronger emotion than any static imagery alone and encourage interaction. Therefore it is a powerful way to attract attention.
If you are looking for a new marketing technique or commercial activity, we can work for you to deliver your message professionally and effectively.
Whether you need a moving sequence as an opener for your video, an animated logo for an advertisement, animated marketing video for your website, we integrate elements of graphics and sound together to create an exciting and eye catching videos.

Here are just some services we offer

• Motion graphics, Logo animations
• 2D, 3D animation
• Promotional videos
• Visual effects
• Presentations / Tradeshows

Video Editing / Cutting Service

Editing video can be complex and tedious especially under upcoming deadline pressure. We take your raw footage, edit and convert it to a final product that suits your needs and expectations. We utilize industrial grade software to render high level of professional difference. Depending your needs, motion graphics, animations and visual effect can also be combined with your existing footage.

We offer following post-production services
• Footage review and selection
• Video Editing
• Titling, openers, subtitles
• Sound mixing
• Color correction and filters
• Animations/Motion Graphics
• Video compression for web use


All above mentioned points belongs to our target areas in photography as well.

Quality Photography is not a luxury, when it comes to business. It is a very important item that a potential customer will notice about your business. An good picture gives feelings, perception and stimulates attention. An important prerequisite for this is a high technical level, and artistic view.

High demands on the quality is taken for granted here at NUANCER MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY. It is not only a creative challenge but simply fun for us. Our passion is to implement creative and competent photography ideas for any intended purpose.

We undertake all required development activities and services for your photo production. Concept development, indoor / outdoor shooting and image retouch for your event, business, product or advertising project. Our service fields include

  • Commercial Photography
    • Architecture, interiors, food, jewelry
    • Product photography for advertisements, brochures, catalogs and online shopping
  • Business photos for companies, locations, management & work-force
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • In-door, out-door personal portraits

Graphic Design

It is no doubt that you want to make an impression that lasts. Creative and eye-catching graphic design represents your identity. It’s frequently the very first thing a potential customer sees about your business and we can help you to leave the great first impression that lasts.

We provide print design and graphic design services to fit your needs and budget. We cover wide range of design services for businesses and individuals.

Design for custom logo, business paper services, brochures, catalogs, portfolios, flyers, photo albums, calendars, invitation cards for print and promotion. Custom and original logo packages suits every budget.