Our Wedding Offer

Nuancer Media offers several wedding packages to suit various expectations, wishes and budgets. On the other hand, depending on your expectations every offer is normally individual. Therefore, we request you to contact us directly to inform us about your wishes and expectations for your wedding. We would be very glad to prepare an individual and personal offer for you.

It is usually important that we get to know each other and meet to discuss your wedding details and expectations (1-2 hrs.) in person. It is apparently indispensable for us to know your exact event schedule, and to clarify open questions. Such a meeting is of course for free of charge without any obligation.

Because we want to tell a story with our photos and films, we prefer to accompany you throughout the wedding day. This is a story with great sympathy and full of emotions during the preparations, the styling at the hairdresser, getting dressed, wedding ceremony, ring handover, the first kiss, group photos, and of course the wedding portraits- wedding photo shooting.

Wedding Photography, Editorial Wedding Story

With our vivid wedding photos, you can experience the atmosphere and emotions as they were even years later. We accompany you of course in the preparation, at the registry office, the church wedding and also on the entire wedding party.

Your wedding is photographed with digital SLR cameras and quality lenses in professional RAW format. Your personal photos are digitally processed and delivered in full resolution.

We are neutral observers during your events and ceremonies, what we call editorial wedding day photography. We do not interfere with anything organized and/or spontaneously developed. We photograph those situations as they happened to deliver natural views. The atmosphere and unique emotions are documented by dynamic camera perspectives and photographic composition. Wedding portraits, however, are arranged by us where we setup the proper lighting and pay attention to the positioning of our couples. All photos you get from us are retouched and optimized. Those images that are selected for photo albums or special printing are processed with more detailed retouching.

Wedding film, Wedding Videos

A wedding video is a unique opportunity to make all the emotions and highlights lively again even years later. It’s a magnificent event documentary for eternity. We accompany you of course during preparations, at the marriage registration office, at the church and also during the entire wedding party. We film in the background, of course, discreetly and without distraction. Your personal videos are filmed in full HD quality with several state-of-the-art cameras and professional mobile tripods. The films you get from us are prepared with fine edit, color correction, sound tuning, soundtrack music, and dedicated title design.

During your events and ceremonies, we observe everything at a certain distance without interfering or disturbing. Through dynamic perspectives and multiple camera views, your personal film will make you re-experience all great sympathy and emotions. Upon request we also offer short highlights wedding videos or short video clips, which are also partly recorded during the photoshooting.

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